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FIREWORKS!  Sometimes they’re beautiful, but when fireworks go off in your head or your heart, they can maim or kill relationships. This is the third post on the subject of drama on this blog.  The first one can be found by clicking here.  The second one can be found by clicking here. When a person’s life is full of drama–seeking … Read More

5 Strategies for Weathering Seasons of Disappointment

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Here is #26 of 31 Questions in 31 Days! To learn more about this 31 Day series, just search “31 Questions” in the search bar above or click here!Q #26:  How can I get through a season of crushing disappointment?A:  Disappointment visits everyone’s life from time to time.When that person you admired has a personal scandal exposed to the whole world.When that … Read More

Heart Matters–Love

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Well, this series had a lot to consider.  What’s in our heart matters.  Perhaps the most important thing to find in our hearts is love like God loves. God loves first. God loves in a way that sacrifices. God’s love changes the way we see everything and everyone. That’s what this message is about, and it’s all based on John … Read More

3 Qualities of the Trustworthy Person

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People are as different as the books in the pictures to the left.  Our lives are filled with a variety of experiences, temperaments, beliefs, values, etc.  However, there are a few qualities that will help you and me to become more trustworthy people in the eyes of others.  These qualities apply to people across the cultural, generational, socio-economic spectra.  SO, … Read More

Simple But Difficult

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Much of the Christian faith falls into the category of “Simple, but Difficult”.  In this message on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, we will examine just what the implications are of the three commands found there–“Rejoice always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Killing the DRAMA Queen or King in You

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DRAMA–that element of personality that projects and injects negative, imagined emotion into situations, decisions, actions and words.  Have you ever been accused of being a DRAMA Queen or King? Have you ever worked with that guy who constantly seems to take everything to the next level emotionally and seems toxic in his relationships and conversations? Have you ever felt like … Read More