Stronger–We Are All Weak

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This morning’s message started down the course of looking at the spiritual baggage we received from Adam and Eve.  I am looking forward to this series! Check out the video of the message and the outline below.  Join us online or in person at First Assembly Community Ministries for the rest of this series and learn more about it here. … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus Was All About Love and Peace

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Would the real Jesus please stand up?People who have a somewhat distant awareness of the content of the gospels end up bringing this myth to life from time to time.It’s the idea of a soft Jesus who maybe got angry once in the temple.It’s the notion that Jesus would never have actually had any hard feelings with any sin.It’s the … Read More

5 Strategies for Weathering Seasons of Disappointment

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Here is #26 of 31 Questions in 31 Days! To learn more about this 31 Day series, just search “31 Questions” in the search bar above or click here!Q #26:  How can I get through a season of crushing disappointment?A:  Disappointment visits everyone’s life from time to time.When that person you admired has a personal scandal exposed to the whole world.When that … Read More

Why Universalism isn’t a Christian Position

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Here is #24 of 31 Questions in 31 Days! To learn more about this 31 Day series, just search “31 Questions” in the search bar above or click here! Q #24:  Won’t God really save everyone in the end?A:  The idea expressed in the question above that Christians have asked for about as long as there has been a Church.  It’s called Universalism.It’s … Read More

Compassion without Compromise: A Christian Response to Homosexuality

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On the last Sunday in May, we had the chance to hear the most masterful and complete treatment of this hot button issue that I have ever heard in any church, or any context, for that matter. I want to encourage you to listen Linda Seiler’s message here.  This message deals with the following questions:1.  Why is homosexuality wrong?2.  Are … Read More

Finding Freedom

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“A voice of one calling in the desert,‘Prepare the way for the Lord,    make straight paths for him.Every valley shall be filled in,    every mountain and hill made low.The crooked roads shall become straight,    the rough ways smooth.And all mankind will see God’s salvation.’”  –Luke 3:5-6Every Advent, somehow, these words are read.  These are the words John the Baptist was proclaiming in the … Read More

Salvation through Forgiveness

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“…to give his people the knowledge of salvation    through the forgiveness of their sins…”  –Luke 1:77You can’t get past it.  Forgiveness of sins is the salvation that Jesus brings.He doesn’t come to just to model morality or love.  He doesn’t come merely to offer peace or platitudes, but he is interested in saving people who have offended him.The hope found in … Read More

An Approach to Accountability

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I recently finished a book that I had started and stopped over the last several months called Mojo:  How to Get it, How to Keep it, How to Get it Back if you Lose it by Marshall Goldsmith.  Goldsmith is a UCLA PhD in Organizational Behavior who is a consultant to some of the country’s leading executives who get off track. … Read More

Pride and Religious People

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This weekend I’m delivering a message on Pride, the first of the 7 Deadly Sins we’ll be looking at in our Break the Cycle series.  I won’t be able to convey in a single message all I’ve learned about pride in preparing for the message, but one of the things I’ve discovered is that religious observance and the religious context … Read More