NOT SO MODERN FAMILIES–February 2019 Sermon Series

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Genesis was a long time ago! You can’t get more ancient and prehistoric than Genesis. And yet, so much has remained the same. Marriage and family dynamics have stayed constant through the millennia. Whether it’s the things that undermine or fortify a marriage or the relational habits that end up dividing a parent from their child, there is plenty to … Read More

STRONGER–Stronger Men

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This series has been great!  To see the messages from the two weeks before this one, just look below on this blog.  It just started on November 8. On Sunday, we explored what men need to be stronger that their wives are uniquely able to meet.  Check out the outline below and then the message below, starting at about the … Read More

STRONGER–Stronger Women

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Yesterday’s message at First Assembly Community Ministries taught about marriage and how a man can contribute to his wife’s strength in life. You can catch the message if you start it in the video window below at about the 3:03:00 mark. To see last week’s message that introduced the series, click here. Immediately below here is the outline we used … Read More

Stronger–We Are All Weak

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This morning’s message started down the course of looking at the spiritual baggage we received from Adam and Eve.  I am looking forward to this series! Check out the video of the message and the outline below.  Join us online or in person at First Assembly Community Ministries for the rest of this series and learn more about it here. … Read More

STRONGER–Series for November 2015

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Whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed, I promise this 4-week series will have something for you. Our relationships with each other are greatly challenged by our basic sinful human nature. In November, we’ll spend some time focused on biblical, practical messages about making our relationships stronger and overcoming some of the tendencies that are with us because we are … Read More

Warning: Stay AWAY from 50 SHADES

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Going on the Record I have a huge announcement!  It’s much more of a plea.  Calling it a warning seems too mild.  Maybe it’s better to say that I am calling 911, I’m jumping up and down, waving my arms, and yelling at the top of my voice; I’m desperately calling out in my strongest voice.  EMERGENCY!!!!  And this is … Read More

Forgiving a Spouse’s Infidelity

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This is the fourth of 31 Questions in 31 Days series of blog posts.  To learn more about this series, do a search on this page called “31 Questions”.Q #4:  How do you forgive a spouse for infidelity or inappropriate text messages to another woman?A:  While I’m not a professional counselor or therapist, I have had many interactions with people … Read More

GENERATIONS–Husbands and Wives

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Week 4 of this series brought forward a message on Ephesians 5:22-31.  While it focused on marriage, we discovered that it had more to do with things well beyond marriage.  “This is about that”–was a repeated phrase throughout the message because our understanding of marriage touches on many other important issues in life. By clicking the links below, you’ll be … Read More

GENERATIONS–Fall 2013 Sunday Series

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Everyone is part of a generation. Everyone relates to others who are part of another generation.  We all know the power of the generation or two before us and the potential of the generation coming after us. This coming month, we’ll be looking at what powerful things the Bible says about the dynamics of families, generational divide, marriage and the … Read More