CounterCulture–Slip Sliding Away

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This is the first message on this summer 2016 series on Daniel called “Counter Culture”.  We’re exploring how to live for God in an increasingly godless cultures. Check out the outline and video below that give an introduction to the book of Daniel and explores what culture will do to you if you let it. Counter Culture—Slip Sliding Away Daniel … Read More

COUNTERCULTURE–Summer 2016 Series

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Do you feel as though culture is slipping away?  Do you wonder about what following Christ will mean as move into the future while our world seems more and more hostile toward faith in God? COUNTERCULTURE is a series for you!  We will explore the Old Testament book of Daniel this summer and discover the principles, promises and the strength … Read More

The Journey Through–Purpose

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How can you know and fulfill your God-given purpose?  That’s the big question of this powerful series on the life of Joseph that we completed this past Sunday.See the outline and check out the video as posted below!  I’ve greatly appreciated this series and what it’s done in the lives of those who have taken it in! The Journey Through–Purpose … Read More

The Journey Through–Pardon

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How can you forgive when someone lies and manipulates but never apologizes?  That was the big question explored in this sixth of seven messages from the life of Joseph.Watch it below and give feedback about what strategies you employ to forgive others.The notes from this message are below!THE JOURNEY THROUGH–PARDONGenesis 50:15-21  “When Joseph’s brothers saw that their father was dead, they … Read More

The Journey Through–The Prophetic Word

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How do you know when God is speaking directly to you?  Will what God has said just automatically happen, or is there something you could do or not do so that it wouldn’t happen?These are the kinds of questions this message explores, giving three steps to take when you think you’ve heard something from God. The Journey Through—The Prophetic Word … Read More

The Journey Through–The Palace

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Have you wondered what it takes to succeed and be prospered by God even in very hard times?  Check out here what the keys to receiving God-given success are!  Below you’ll find the video of the message the outline to the scripture!Enjoy! The Journey Through—The Palace Genesis 39:1-6  “Now Joseph had been taken down to Egypt. And Potiphar, an officer … Read More

The Journey Through–Pride and The Pit

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This last weekend at First Assembly Community Ministries, we started a 7-week series on the story of Joseph at the end of the biblical book of Genesis.  The idea is that God has a dream for all of our lives, but it takes a while to get there.  It’s a journey through a lot of different things!Below, you can check … Read More

The Journey Through–Winter 2016 Series

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God has a dream for your life and yet getting there to see it happen can be an elusive struggle. We’ll be looking at one of the most vivid stories of that truth found in the last quarter of  the book of Genesis in the story of Joseph–the teenager whose brothers beat him and sold him into slavery, the young … Read More