Counseling Practice Partnering with River City Community Center

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River City Community Center announces a new partnership with a counselor, Reggie Alderman, PhD. Reggie is a Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor with over 30 years of experience. He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and a professional member of The American Mental Health Counselors Association. He completed his Master of Divinity with an emphasis in counseling and … Read More

Dealing with Anxiety

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My wife Tracy Bradford has written this guest post. If anxiety is regularly in your life, here are some practical strategies for dealing with it! Tracy’s Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety, Especially During the Holidays Anxiety is a very real and overwhelming experience, and for many people who suffer from anxiety, episodes can increase during the holiday season.  … Read More

NOT OK–Living in the Darkness

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The Bible has actually a lot of content that addresses people who experience deep depression, fear, worry and other issues related to mental health. Check out this week’s message that addresses these problems exactly. Sunday, November 24, I’ll wrap up the series in a message that will explore how to live with someone who is experiencing mental health challenges.

NOT OK–Gaining Perspective

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How might Christians and the Church address the subject of mental illness? How does the Bible shed light on these kinds of needs and problems? That’s what this opening message of our series “Not OK” seeks to examine. Check it out here below!

NOT OK–November 2019 Series

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Depression. Anxiety. Post traumatic stress disorder. Suicidal tendencies. Stress. Addiction. Eating disorder. Alcoholism. Risky behavior. Bipolar disorder. Borderline personality disorder. Schizoaffective disorder. And that’s just a start. Numerous studies suggest that as many as 1 in 4 Americans deal with some form of mental illness. Some 40 million people in America take a psychiatric medication every day. If it’s so … Read More

Convoy of Hope Update on Hurricane and Flooding

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At River City Church, we partner with Convoy of Hope in disaster relief. I know many of you have been looking at the news about the difference we can make in the many difficult situations hitting the US and other parts of North America. See below for updates. You can always give to River City Church and designate your gift … Read More