GENERATIONS–Fall 2013 Sunday Series

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Everyone is part of a generation. Everyone relates to others who are part of another generation.  We all know the power of the generation or two before us and the potential of the generation coming after us.

This coming month, we’ll be looking at what powerful things the Bible says about the dynamics of families, generational divide, marriage and the Church.  Maybe the most powerful, shaping forces in our lives come from our interaction with the family that raises us and the things our parents, grandparents and others in our families say about us.

Join me on Sundays in September for the following messages:

September 8          Old & Young            God is doing a new thing among old and young.

September 15        Fathers & Mothers   God made mothers and fathers with great spiritual power.

September 22        Sons & Daughters    God means for relationships between parents and                                                                                    children to lead to wholeness and blessing.

September 29        Lost & Found           God’s salvation idea is for the whole family.

October 6              Husbands & Wives   Marriage is a picture of God’s love for all to see.

October 13            Near & Far                God looks to bring every prodigal home.

October 20            Inherit & Receive     God’s family plan trumps our earthly family’s legacy.

Whether you’re single or married, young or old, an only child, childless or have 10 children, God has much to say to us as a church in the coming series called “Generations”!  It’s a great time to invite friends and family, and it’s a great time to see all us grow in relationship to the generational realities all around us.

Following this series, we’ll be offering the Full Life Conference on October 2-4 (learn more by clicking here)!  On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night, we’ll be looking to focus on family dynamics and building dynamic families.  Register today!           

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