Warning: Stay AWAY from 50 SHADES

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Going on the Record

I have a huge announcement!  It’s much more of a plea.  Calling it a warning seems too mild.  Maybe it’s better to say that I am calling 911, I’m jumping up and down, waving my arms, and yelling at the top of my voice; I’m desperately calling out in my strongest voice.  EMERGENCY!!!! 
And this is what I have to say.
If you are my girlfriend, my church friend, my school friend, my family friend; if somehow I know you and you know me, I’m over here in this little corner of the world saying, “WARNING!  THERE IS A HUGE TRAP AHEAD!  THE BRIDGE IS OUT! DON’T GO ANY FURTHER! TURN AWAY! DOOM LIES AHEAD!”
Can you guess what I’m referring to?  What else?  What is any Christian leader waving the warning flag about these days?  The book and now movie, 50 Shades of Grey.
There are so many great articles already written about the topic by trusted Christian leaders.  This is not my attempt to add to them.  Instead, I just wanted to go firmly on the record, especially for the women in my church or within the realm of my influence: I hope and pray you will stay away from the movie or books 50 Shades of Grey. 
I know!  I’m really getting into your personal life here.  But I’ve been worried sick about you.  I’ve heard you talking about it at the coffee shop, in the dress shop, and over Facebook.  I’ve heard about your discussions with other groups of ladies that we both know.  I might not know you by name, but I know that your friends share my concern because they’ve come to me with a lot of worry.  Maybe you read the books because you were curious and now you’re interested in the movie too.  Maybe you’ve heard so much media hype that you want to see what it’s all about.  Maybe you’re so desperate for things to improve in your marriage that you’ll try anything that looks like it’s working. 
Please hear me!  This 50 Shades fad is NOT the answer for any intimacy-related issue.  Thankfully, there is an excellent answer found in the Bible.  The Bible actually has plenty to say about intimacy (sex, marriage, celibacy, etc.)!!!!  And I welcome the opportunity to explore it with you.  This Wednesday (2/18), I’ll be ready to get the conversation going.  Will you meet me at church to talk about it?  Later in March, I’ll be starting a Life Group for women only where we will have open, honest discussions about Marriage, Sex, and the Bible.  If you are curious, I challenge you to come and join the conversation.  You can get more details next Monday on my Facebook page or on the church’s website. 
And in the meantime, please heed my warning, my desperate plea!  Going to see this movie will bring no benefit to you, your marriage, or any other sexual issues you are facing.  I’m yelling it as loudly as I can—PLEASE, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, STAY AWAY!!!!!

Tracy, your pastor’s wife

P.S.  This Wednesday, 2/18, Tracy Bradford will lead a discussion called, “For Women Only: Intimacy, Sexuality, and the Bible” at First Assembly Community Ministries in room 240 at 6.30pm. Any lady interested is very welcome!  This is an introduction to a 7-week group study that will begin on Wednesday, 3/11 at 6.30pm.  

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