ELECT JOY–November 2016 Series

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Joy is a choice.  Joy is always running for office to rule your heart and life.  The New Testament letter of Philippians is all about joy with many references, in its brief text, about joy or rejoicing.

Join us in November at First Assembly Community Ministries as we explore this book that will help us grow in joy and in character.

Do you want to live a freer life, more replete with the kind of experience God wants for you to have?  ELECT JOY.

Check out the themes, passages, and dates below!

11/6          Joy Every Time                  Philippians 1

11/13        Joy from Serving               Philippians 2

11/20       Joy No Matter “What”      Philippians 3 (Special guest, Pastor Jeff Countryman)

11/27       Joy Journey                         Philippians 4

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