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FIREWORKS!  Sometimes they’re beautiful, but when fireworks go off in your head or your heart, they can maim or kill relationships. This is the third post on the subject of drama on this blog.  The first one can be found by clicking here.  The second one can be found by clicking here. When a person’s life is full of drama–seeking … Read More

Killing the DRAMA Queen or King in You

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DRAMA–that element of personality that projects and injects negative, imagined emotion into situations, decisions, actions and words.  Have you ever been accused of being a DRAMA Queen or King? Have you ever worked with that guy who constantly seems to take everything to the next level emotionally and seems toxic in his relationships and conversations? Have you ever felt like … Read More

How to Extinguish DRAMA

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OK, so this is part two of the first posting I did this past Friday called “DRAMA”.  (You can access it by clicking here.)  It’s what makes you or someone you know light up like the horizon in this picture to the left.  It’s what leads you to sometime rotten responses to the people closest to you.  It’s what’s killing … Read More


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This is a picture from space of a volcanic eruption.  Have you ever known someone with a personality like that?  A person who it seems adds DRAMA to every situation they enter? What is drama exactly?  Drama is what happens when people add emotion to events, people, words, decisions or circumstances that lead to erroneous conclusions, relationship breakdown, misunderstanding, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, gossip and many other negative outcomes.Drama … Read More