GET FIT: Emotionally

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Kathi Lange was our guest speaker on Sunday morning at First Assembly, and she did a fantastic job talking about emotional health and fitness.  Check out her message–delivered by a mental health professional who has a dynamic personal faith. You can find her views in written form on this article titled What Can You Do To Combat Anxiety And Improve … Read More

GET FIT: Winter 2014 Sunday Series

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I was 12 years old in 1981, and Olivia Newton John and her “Get Physical” song came along and it seemed America got caught up in a fitness craze. There were all kinds of amazing neon-colored outfits and people started joining gyms. That was great and hasn’t ever stopped.  The thing is, all of have areas where we need to … Read More

Killing the DRAMA Queen or King in You

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DRAMA–that element of personality that projects and injects negative, imagined emotion into situations, decisions, actions and words.  Have you ever been accused of being a DRAMA Queen or King? Have you ever worked with that guy who constantly seems to take everything to the next level emotionally and seems toxic in his relationships and conversations? Have you ever felt like … Read More


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What a rich and multi-textured series this has been!  This message focuses on the fact that God intends for salvation not belong to just individuals, but for the whole family. If you’ve had a chance to take in these messages, what would you say has been the thing that has impacted you most deeply? You can see the message in … Read More

How to Extinguish DRAMA

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OK, so this is part two of the first posting I did this past Friday called “DRAMA”.  (You can access it by clicking here.)  It’s what makes you or someone you know light up like the horizon in this picture to the left.  It’s what leads you to sometime rotten responses to the people closest to you.  It’s what’s killing … Read More