Stronger–We Are All Weak

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This morning’s message started down the course of looking at the spiritual baggage we received from Adam and Eve.  I am looking forward to this series! Check out the video of the message and the outline below.  Join us online or in person at First Assembly Community Ministries for the rest of this series and learn more about it here. … Read More

STRONGER–Series for November 2015

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Whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed, I promise this 4-week series will have something for you. Our relationships with each other are greatly challenged by our basic sinful human nature. In November, we’ll spend some time focused on biblical, practical messages about making our relationships stronger and overcoming some of the tendencies that are with us because we are … Read More

Encouraging the Child Who is Called to the Ministry

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Many times in my life, people have imagined that I am the son of a preacher.  I’m not.  Dad was a scientist.  Mom was a special education teacher.  I guess they thought that because I started expressing a desire to be a minister at the age of 13.  I started accepting invitations to speak in youth groups and churches as … Read More

The Book of Proverbs Is Not a List of Promises

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Here is #20 of 31 Questions in 31 Days! To learn more about this 31 Day series, just search “31 Questions” in the search bar above or click here! Q #20:  How can Proverbs 22:6 be true if some children depart from what they were taught?  What about the child of faithful Christians who rejects the faith or becomes lost?A:  This is the passage … Read More

Forgiving a Spouse’s Infidelity

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This is the fourth of 31 Questions in 31 Days series of blog posts.  To learn more about this series, do a search on this page called “31 Questions”.Q #4:  How do you forgive a spouse for infidelity or inappropriate text messages to another woman?A:  While I’m not a professional counselor or therapist, I have had many interactions with people … Read More

Jingle Jam 2014

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This weekend our spectacular Christmas family show, Jingle Jam is happening again!  See the video below to get an idea what it’s about. Then click here to sign up for this FREE, amazing community event.There will be many giveaways, as well as great laughs, music, and lots of fun in our gym, including bounce houses, etc.  Don’t miss this chance … Read More

How to Raise Kids who Love God and the Church

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My friend David has amazing kids. It’s not because he constantly brags on them, either!  They excel in school, sports, and work. They are popular and have good social and personal habits.  Beyond that, and more importantly, they are unusually devoted believers to Christ.  They worship openly in public, they pray in private and have a great grasp of the … Read More

5 Principles for Stronger Fatherhood

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From a message I preached this last Father’s Day come a number of strong principles for Fatherhood. Greatness as a father is found in sacrifice, not achievement.  What makes a great father is not what he builds or where he succeeds.  My own father’s greatest achievements in fatherhood may have happened when he was experiencing a prolonged unemployment in the … Read More

GENERATIONS: Inherit & Receive

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Yesterday we ended the Generations Series on a message about being heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ from Romans 8:15-17.  What a fabulous time it was capping off what has been a key moment in 2013 for our church.  God was working, healing, correcting and giving hope during the past seven Sundays!  Check out the service below!