It’s Christmas–Come Back to Church!

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So many people return to church at Christmas time that there’s even a joke about it. One Sunday a man is leaving church, and he says to the minister, “You need to expand your repertoire.  Every time I come here, you’re talking about Jesus being born in a manger.  He must’ve done more than that!” Why do so many people come to church … Read More

AD–Final Message

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This message ended 12 weeks of focus on the first 10 chapters of the book of Acts. Because of the historic events of the previous week, I took a different approach to the message.  Check it out here and see how I believe the Church should respond to the changing attitudes of our society.

How to Raise Kids who Love God and the Church

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My friend David has amazing kids. It’s not because he constantly brags on them, either!  They excel in school, sports, and work. They are popular and have good social and personal habits.  Beyond that, and more importantly, they are unusually devoted believers to Christ.  They worship openly in public, they pray in private and have a great grasp of the … Read More