21 Myths: Jesus is A Republican

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You know you’ve heard it.  Maybe you even have said it or thought it.I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but it seems that worldwide, those who take the stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as literal accounts of history are more likely to find themselves on the conservative side of the political divide.That may be why evangelicals … Read More

21 Myths: There are Other Gospels

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CNN loves to talk about them. National Geographic has spilled plenty of ink covering them. They are the darlings of the media whenever they turn up somehow and especially when they tell any kind of story or say anything that directly casts doubt on any of the four canonical gospels. They also stir up plenty of money for those who … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus’ Story Has Been Changed Over Time

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Myth: The biblical story of Jesus can’t be trusted because it’s been changed significantly over the last 2,000 years. It’s a common question: how can anyone be sure that the Bible contains the same words that were written thousands of years ago? This question concerns a discipline called ‘textual criticism’. Its goal is to evaluate all the available copied manuscripts … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus of Faith, Not of History

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Myth: The Bible gives us theological insights about Jesus, but not historical ones. Some people are interested in the Jesus’ religious ideas, but deny that the Bible provides, or even intends to provide, any historical accounts about him. Are they right? Is the Bible meant to be taken seriously as a historical description of Jesus’ life and ministry? I would … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus Wasn’t Divine

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So far in this series, I’ve dealt primarily with two different kinds of myths about Jesus. Secular myths–like that Jesus didn’t actually rise from the dead or that he is in agreement with other world religious teachers. I’ve also dealt with myths started by Christians–like that Jesus wants his followers to be rich or that he was an only child. … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus was an Only Child

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OK, OK.  I know that this is one of those myths made up and perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church.  I’m not normally one to criticize Catholics.  I believe that we both believe in Jesus and in his resurrection and that is the basis of our fellowship and why I joyfully call practicing, believing Catholics my spiritual brothers and sisters.The … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus Wants Me to be Rich

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I wish Jesus were simplistic, but he is painstakingly balanced and complex.  Simplistic minds and simplistic teachers have created one of the most distorted and deforming myths about Jesus the world has ever told.   Particularly driven by American-style consumerism and materialism, some Christians have imagined and proclaimed a Savior who not only wants to take us to heaven, but who … Read More

21 Myths: A Natural Explanation for the “Resurrection”

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Maybe you’ve heard or thought a version of this myth– “He never really died, but became conscious and left the tomb.” “His disciples stole the body and fabricated the story of resurrection.” “The disciples had hallucinations about Jesus and that’s where we get the stories of a risen Christ.” “Jesus’ enemies stole his body, and his disciples made it up.” … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus Was All About Love and Peace

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Would the real Jesus please stand up?People who have a somewhat distant awareness of the content of the gospels end up bringing this myth to life from time to time.It’s the idea of a soft Jesus who maybe got angry once in the temple.It’s the notion that Jesus would never have actually had any hard feelings with any sin.It’s the … Read More

21 Myths: Jesus & Mohammed Taught the Same Thing

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I bet you’ve heard some version of this myth about Jesus.  I would guess it’s most often repeated by people who don’t really want to come to terms with the fact that claims about religious truth aren’t all equal or the same.The versions I’ve heard of this myth kind of go along these tired and cozy lines:“Well, Jesus and Mohammed … Read More