21 Myths: Jesus is Almost as Good as His Father

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OK.  This is a little tricky. Whenever we start talking Holy Trinity, we’re starting to step somewhere beyond the bounds of human logic or rational categories. We’re stepping into the supra-rational. Nonetheless, a good percentage of Christians end up repeating and reinforcing some version of this myth, one way or another. “Jesus was created by his Father.” “Jesus is less … Read More

21 Myths: There are Other Gospels

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CNN loves to talk about them. National Geographic has spilled plenty of ink covering them. They are the darlings of the media whenever they turn up somehow and especially when they tell any kind of story or say anything that directly casts doubt on any of the four canonical gospels. They also stir up plenty of money for those who … Read More

21 Myths: Not One Scintilla of Historical Proof

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I’ve heard it said 100 different ways by 100 different people.“There is no historical proof that Jesus of Nazareth existed.”“The only witness to Jesus’ life is the Bible.”“It’s all made up.  There never was a Jesus.” Behind the many ways this myth about Jesus is spun is ignorance about what we do and can know. The content in the gospels points … Read More