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So this is ChristmasAnd what have you doneAnother year overAnd a new one just begun  –John Lennon Yesterday’s message was all about putting down the excuses for not doing the things you know God is telling you to do. Below is the outline from yesterday’s messsage at First Assembly Community Ministries and below that is the message.  The message from … Read More

THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER–Miracles in the Mundane

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Yesterday’s dazzling Christmas Sunday was exceptional!  Check out the incredible music and production that led us in worship yesterday! A highlight was “Little Drummer Boy”.  It starts about the 01:26:00 mark.  You can catch the abbreviated message at the 03:40:12 mark from the second service. Many thanks to the artists, musicians, singers and technical workers who made yesterday’s incredible Christmas … Read More

STRONGER: Families

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Wow!  I have really enjoyed this series that has explored the closest relationships in our lives–marriage and family.  Today’s message dealt with the challenges of building a household culture full of discipline, submission and honor.  To end the message today, we also addressed how to honor adult children and how adult children can honor their parents.  Check it out!  I … Read More

STRONGER–Stronger Men

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This series has been great!  To see the messages from the two weeks before this one, just look below on this blog.  It just started on November 8. On Sunday, we explored what men need to be stronger that their wives are uniquely able to meet.  Check out the outline below and then the message below, starting at about the … Read More

STRONGER–Stronger Women

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Yesterday’s message at First Assembly Community Ministries taught about marriage and how a man can contribute to his wife’s strength in life. You can catch the message if you start it in the video window below at about the 3:03:00 mark. To see last week’s message that introduced the series, click here. Immediately below here is the outline we used … Read More

Worship Like a Champion

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How can we discover how to worship in a way that helps us break through to the God of heaven? That’s what the message, from this past Sunday, posted below, is about. Learn more about First Assembly Community Ministries at their website or follow Robby Bradford on Twitter or Facebook. The outline is here below, and both services are below … Read More


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You can’t be an effective witness to the power of Jesus to change a life if you’ve not been changed by Jesus.  That’s the basic idea of this message.  Check out the outline and video of week 5 of this series that is moving our church. LIFE ON MISSION—GROW Luke 6:40  “The student is not above the teacher, but everyone … Read More


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Wow!  What a challenging series this has been.  Check out the message about sharing the gospel–its outline and video below! LIFE ON MISSION—Sharing Romans 10:14  “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching … Read More


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First Assembly Community Ministries kicked off this church-wide series on Sunday, September 13.  In this message, we’ll explore what every person following Christ has for a purpose in their lives.  Check out the outline and the video of the service below! LIFE ON MISSION—Overview Matthew 4:19  “‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’ BIG … Read More