4 Steps to Get the Most out of Church Online

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So you’re on vacation or a business trip or are home with a sick kid and you’re taking in church online. What are some thing you can do to make the experience the best it can be? Get focused.  Turn off as many distractions as you might have around you.  The TV, other apps or things on your browser and … Read More

Why Come to Church if I Can Watch it Online?

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Maybe it started when church services were first transmitted over the radio or when preachers came to television, but today’s online churchgoers are repeating an old question:  Why should I come to church when I can just livestream it? I’m an advocate of our own church’s livestreaming.  Indeed, we see often a few hundred IP’s that either watch our services … Read More

UNITED–Leaving Me Behind

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The hardest thing about unity is leaving ourselves behind, sacrificing our preferences, our point of view for the greater unity of the group we’re in. This message deals with the impact of living with the right attitude toward authority, letting leaders point the way, and the results of spiritual maturity.  Check it out now and follow us on Livestream at … Read More

UNITED: Worship & Prayer

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Yesterday’s time in worship and prayer followed this message on what is happening when we worship and pray together.  Leaning heavily on Acts 4:23-31 and Revelation 4 & 5, this message considers what the nature of worship and prayer is and how it is that heaven and earth sometimes overlap and interlock. Check it out and pray with me for … Read More

UNITED: How to Have a Good Church Fight

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Last Sunday’s message picked up the early church’s story of conflict found in Acts 15 and led us to a very helpful system for dealing with conflict in the church today. Few messages are filled with the kind of practical, concrete plan this one is.  Enjoy!