Waiting on David

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Advent, the Christian season that starts the Christian calendar and focuses on the coming of Jesus, starts today!  Throughout Advents (ending on Christmas Day), I’m posting thoughts about the coming of Jesus and explaining some things about Christmas that might not be clear to you.Have you ever wondered why Jesus is referred to as the son of David in the … Read More

What is Advent?

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Advent is the season of expectant preparation that involves the four Sundays before Christmas and Christmas Day itself.  Advent literally means “coming”.  It involves reading scripture, prayer, and often the lighting of candles.  This coming Sunday it will begin and we will be encouraging our congregation to begin a period of Bible reading and prayer in a way to mark … Read More

WHY I Observe Advent

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For the last few days or so, I have been posting things about Advent. In our home, observing Advent means that we read certain passages of scripture centered on the coming Messiah and the Christmas story each night and take probably 15 minutes or so to listen to those scriptures, light some candles, sing a carol and pray together.  (Many … Read More

How My Family Celebrates Advent

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Do you suppose the angels in the sky looked at all like this picture on the night Jesus was born?  The following is a guest post from my lovely wife about how my family celebrates the season! Advent is a word that has many different meanings to just as many people.  For some, it is a season of the church … Read More

Celebrating Advent with Your Family

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My wonderful wife, Tracy Bradford, has written more on the subject of celebrating Advent with children.  Full of practical ideas fueled by spiritual consideration, take some time to see what’s here! ______________________ I remember the first time that my husband and I sat with our two small boys to officially celebrate the Advent season 13 years ago.  I had made … Read More

The Unexpected Christmas–Magi

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This past Sunday was CHRISTMAS SUNDAY!  We had amazing music, interesting video drama and a Christmas message on one of the most unexpected elements of the story–the magi. They were late for Christmas, started a journey when they didn’t know where they were going, they were polytheistic astrologers, and still they found Jesus. The lesson from the Magi?  It’s never … Read More

Can’t Jesus and Santa Just Get Along?

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I remember thinking it was odd when my parents and I moved from a more culturally and theologically liberal, mainline Protestant church to a more conservative, Pentecostal one. I met people who thought Santa was appalling.  They wouldn’t say his name.  Some of them would say things like, “You know his name has all the same letters as ‘Satan’.”Others went … Read More

The Unexpected Christmas: Shepherds

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Unexpected–that’s what I’d say about the choice of heaven to announce first to shepherds that Jesus had come. Unexpected–Jesus’ birth, in contrast to the emperor of the time–Caesar Augustus–is the true Savior, the true God. Unexpected–while those with the wealth and the power in Rome may be initially said that “a new order for the ages” had come with Caesar … Read More

2014 Jingle Jam Family Christmas Show Re-Cap

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This past weekend was 3rd annual Jingle Jam!  We welcomed hundreds of new people into First Assembly Community Ministries and added a fun start to the festive season!  Check out here a taste of what the event was all about! Additionally, you can see a full video of the show by clicking here!  You can learn more about Christmas related … Read More