Why Should I Invite Family & Friends to First Assembly on Christmas Eve?

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Christmas is a big deal.  We make it a big deal at First Assembly Community Ministries!  The reason is because this is a time when our culture actually celebrates Jesus and the stories of the gospels about him in a variety of shiny and colorful ways. Sometimes believers can get caught up in the way Christmas is celebrated by the … Read More

It’s Christmas–Come Back to Church!

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So many people return to church at Christmas time that there’s even a joke about it. One Sunday a man is leaving church, and he says to the minister, “You need to expand your repertoire.  Every time I come here, you’re talking about Jesus being born in a manger.  He must’ve done more than that!” Why do so many people come to church at … Read More

What to Expect on Christmas Eve at First Assembly

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It is my honor to invite you to join us for Christmas Eve services at First Assembly Community Ministries at 5PM and 6:30PM on December 24th.  We welcome Christmas by celebrating with carols, communion, and candles.    Your entire family, from great grandparents to young children are welcome to join us for the service, that will last one hour.  We will sing Christmas carols, listen … Read More