It’s Christmas–Come Back to Church!

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So many people return to church at Christmas time that there’s even a joke about it.

One Sunday a man is leaving church, and he says to the minister, “You need to expand your repertoire.  Every time I come here, you’re talking about Jesus being born in a manger.  He must’ve done more than that!”

Why do so many people come to church at Christmas?  I can think of a few reasons.

You won’t stand out if you don’t want to.  There are so many people who are new at our church and who are visiting from out of town that you likely can slip in and slip out without standing out as a person who doesn’t normally attend.

It’s a natural time to see old friends and make new ones.  At a church like First Assembly Community Ministries, we see thousands of new people on our grounds every December.  You’re likely to see old friends here and will probably find people who are already a part of your life in someway, from work, your neighborhood, your gym, or your kid’s sports team.  Christmas is an easy time to renew or make new connections.

It’s a time of celebration and joy.  Many people who have either never
gone to church or would like to start again, find Christmas is the perfect
occasion because the story is somewhat familiar and the atmosphere is
charged with incredible positivity.

In some ways Christmas is the beginning of the Church’s story, and it can also be a new beginning to your story.  I remember a number of years ago finding that a couple who had never come to church together in their marriage made it to FACM in December. They figured it was the perfect time to try church since the story of Jesus starts in
December. It’s true, and it’s a great time to start a new rhythm for living in your own life.

Does life or even the holidays themselves seem a little empty?  Why not come and join us this Christmas in Lafayette to find the real meaning of Christmas and charge your life with something that will outlast the twinkle of Christmas lights and ornaments?

Make a new tradition for yourself and your family and join us on Christmas Eve at either 5PM or 6:30PM!  We will welcome Christmas with a beautiful service that includes carols, a short inspiring message, and breath-taking candle light.  You can also snap a family Christmas photo in front of one of our beautiful Christmas vignettes throughout the main lobby.   

If Christmas Eve seems too far away, why not come on a Sunday in December?  We meet at 9 and 11 am for a dynamic gathering focused on the Christmas season.  There are quality, engaging children’s groups if your child would like to attend them (or they can stay with you). 

I would love to welcome you to First Assembly during the Christmas season!  Visit us online for a welcome by clicking HERE!

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