AD–Final Message

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This message ended 12 weeks of focus on the first 10 chapters of the book of Acts. Because of the historic events of the previous week, I took a different approach to the message.  Check it out here and see how I believe the Church should respond to the changing attitudes of our society.

Ghosts, Gobblins, and the Rest of It

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Q:  What do Christians believe about ghosts, hauntings and the paranormal?A:  It was just a couple weeks ago that this question came to me in a Facebook message.  I wanted to deal with it here because this is the sort of question that I have been asked about by a lot of people from a variety of backgrounds and from … Read More

How Big Is Your Circle?

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How big is the circle of people you believe will enter heaven and that you can have Christian fellowship with? For some, the circle is quite small, the list of beliefs they think are crucial, quite LONG! Only people who believe things in exactly the same way they do belong in the circle. 6 day creation. Young earth. Moses wrote … Read More