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This past Monday evening, the evening of my 42nd birthday, I was privileged to listen to Jim Bradford, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, speak on Josiah.  His message was ripe and full of good things and aimed at ministers under 50 years of age.  I have enjoyed listening to Dr. Bradford on the occasions that I have heard … Read More

A Christian Response to the Killing of Osama bin Laden

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I perceive a divided opinion among Christians over the killing of Osama bin Laden.  Some Christians are thrilled at the news that bin Laden is dead at the hands of American special forces.  Other Christians believe the proper response is almost mourning, as bin Laden has been sent, almost certainly, to a Christ-less eternity. Perhaps I am foolish to try … Read More

Easter Bunny Theology

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Sometimes church people and even well-meaning pastors miss some of the most amazing moments for reaching people through the cultural windows that are present and create opportunities for the gospel to come alive.  I’m thinking about those moments in the Christian calendar that intersect with a huge cross-section of nominal Christians–Christmas and Easter. Tomorrow is Easter.  Just today, as a … Read More

Reflections on Lent

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You may know someone this last week who began observing Lent, the 40 day period preceding Easter. It’s a time when Christians prepare for the coming of Holy Week and Easter through prayer, fasting, alms-giving and self-denial. Some call it the “Spring Training” of Christianity! In fact, this past week started the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday … Read More