Bible Study Fellowship Receiving Hundreds of Women

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Thursday mornings at First Assembly Community Ministries have changed!  We’re packed with hundreds of women and more than 100 of their children.  They’re coming to our church to attend Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). BSF offers extraordinary Bible teaching, small groups and children’s ministry aimed in our setting at women and their children. Anyone is welcome, and the study has just … Read More

The Story: Let the Battle Begin

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Yesterday’s powerful services were a reminder that God is about doing something with us as a community, and not just personally.  Check out the two videos below to hear the messages and taste what God was doing in our midst that day.  The first one is just the message and the second one includes those powerful worship and communion moments … Read More

The Story: Spring/Summer 2013 Megaseries

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The Story has just begun, and I am so excited about the feedback I have heard from Kathryn LaFon, a senior citizen who reads the Bible every year.  She says she’s read it 40-50 times, but loves what she’s finding in The Story, a book that is bringing together the narrative of the Bible in an easy-to read format.  That’s … Read More

The Netflix of Video Bible Study

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Our church is always looking for ways to serve you as you live out your faith throughout the week. We are inviting you to have a free account to an exciting new video library called RightNow Media. It’s essentially the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” because you will have instant access to thousands of great videos for kids, youth, parents, … Read More

Megaseries “The Story” Coming to First Assembly!

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The Bible may just be the most-owned and least read book in history!  A Gallup survey reports the average American household has four Bibles. However, research by PewForum on Religion and Public Life (2008) found that only 16% of Americans read the Bible every day. One thing we’re doing to go deeper into The Bible in 2013 at First Assembly is to pursue … Read More

Getting the Message Notes on your Device

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Hi!  We showed this video in church a couple weeks ago, but in it you’ll learn how to access the outline for the message that is given in church on Sunday mornings on your phone or iPad or other device.  We’ve been doing it for several months, but are now ready to share this with everyone.  You’ll need to download … Read More