NOT OK–November 2019 Series

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Depression. Anxiety. Post traumatic stress disorder. Suicidal tendencies. Stress. Addiction. Eating disorder. Alcoholism. Risky behavior. Bipolar disorder. Borderline personality disorder. Schizoaffective disorder.

And that’s just a start. Numerous studies suggest that as many as 1 in 4 Americans deal with some form of mental illness. Some 40 million people in America take a psychiatric medication every day.

If it’s so prevalent and so many people are affected and hurt by it, what does God say about it? A LOT.

Join me at River City Church over the next 3 Sundays for a series that attempts to look at a subject that Christians have gotten wrong, often at the cost of their own pain and quality of life. Check out the subjects we’ll be exploring these next three Sundays and plan to join us.

DATE — Theme — Primary Content

11/10 — Gaining Perspective –How does the Bible speak to these issues?

11/24 — Embracing Others — How can I love others well who are suffering?

11/17 — Finding Help — How can I find strength in my own struggles?

I’m looking forward to this series and felt the clear direction of the Holy Spirit to address these issues. If you can be with us, open and prepare your heart to hear how our faith speaks powerfully to those whose struggle is real and to others who love someone in the midst of this kind of trouble.

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