LAST DAYS–April 2018 Series

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Have you ever felt like we live in that Billy Joel song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”?  In it, he talks about all the craziness that has happened in the world in his lifetime, and then he reflects in the chorus,

“We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No we didn’t light it
But we tried to fight it”

Sometimes, that’s how I feel about our world today.  There is a lot going on in our world that is concerning–from the societal breakdown that has led to mass shootings and many other kinds of violence and pain, to a nearly daily drip in the news that we are headed back into the cold war and to a dangerous dance with nuclear conflict.

I personally believe we are a part of the last generation of the world.  All the things the Bible relates about the last days are happening right now.  SO, how should we live?  What does it mean to live with the reality that Jesus is returning soon?  That’s what the series this month will be about.  I hope you’ll join us as we explore LAST DAYS for three weeks.

Check out the schedule for the series below!  Live at River City Church  or online at 9 or 11AM on Sundays!

April 8          Jesus is Coming Again

April 15        Now What?

April 22       Judgment and Redemption

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