Victory–A Series on Esther

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Esther is one of the most curious books in the Bible.  For one, in its 10 chapters, it never mentions God by name once.  King Xerxes, who ruled the Persian Empire for just 19 years, is one of the legendary rulers of the ancient world who still captures the popular imagination today, appearing occasionally in epic movies and even video games.  King Xerxes names literally means “ruling over heroes”.  Esther and her cousin Mordecai, however, are the true heroes of this story that involves one of the most riveting narratives in the biblical canon.

There are incredible intersections with the lives of 21st century people, and that’s what we’ll drill down on in this 4-week series, kicking off on Sunday, September 10 at River City Church in Lafayette, Indiana at 9 & 11AM.  Join us and join a small group who will explore the book on a deeper and more personally. Below, check out the topics and corresponding passages for each of the five weekends we will focus on this book.

9/10          Don’t Give Up                         Esther 1-2

9/17           Say Yes                                     Esther 3-4

9/24          God is There                            Esther 5-7

10/1            From Suffering to Victory    Esther 8-10


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