THE BOOK OF LIFE–January 2016 Series

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The Bible is the source of life for the Christian.  It leads to countless blessings and is the primary way God speaks to people.  If you want to have a great year, putting yourself in God’s word daily is a key path toward that end.

That’s why in January, we’ll be taking on a four-week series called “The Book of Life” where we explore the power of God’s word to change our lives and receive plenty of practical tips about how to go further with your Bible.

It starts this Sunday at 9 or 11AM, and I’ll look forward to connecting with you at First Assembly Community Ministries or online!  See our plan for this series below!

January 8       The Book of Life                    John 6:63                 Build On It

January 15     The Book of Life                    Matthew 7:24           Thrive By It

January 22     The Book of Life                    2 Timothy 3:16-17   Trust It

January 29      The Book of Life                   John 8:31-32            Hold On To It

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