5 Quick Rules for Q Sunday

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This Sunday, October 16, First Assembly will experience its fifth “Q Sunday”.  On this day, people submit questions via email, texting, and writing on cards.  I’ll be answering them to the best of my ability. The questions will cover a number of areas, but in general, they are questions about theology, Christian living, the Bible and the church.

If you plan to be there (and I can’t wait for this day!), please note the following  three guidelines as we toward that day.

  1. Q Sunday is not a forum for debate.  There’ll be no way to ask a secondary question, unfortunately.  (So when submitting your question, ask just one question.)
  2. Not everyone’s question will be addressed.  There will likely be hundreds of questions submitted, so we won’t be able to get to all of them.  This blog will be a way that I will address some of the questions.  This year, we’re incorporating a “speed round” where we’ll hope to knock a few more of them out.
  3. Q Sunday is not a forum for making a point.  If you feel strongly about an issue and just wish it could be addressed in church in some way, Q Sunday is not the place to raise that kind of issue.  We are looking for sincere questions, not hobby horses.
  4. The answers given are sometimes just the opinion of the pastor. We may not agree on all points.  The pastor is fallible! Some questions have no definitive answers, but approximations or guesses, and that’s OK.  Mystery is part of following Christ!
  5. I am not omniscient and may not have the right answer to all these questions.  I’ll let you know if I don’t really know.
I’m looking forward to this day!  If you’d like to contribute questions, you can do so by clicking here. By all means, BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU WHO HAS QUESTIONS.  You can also watch both services if you can’t make it to church that day, by watching online at 9 & 11 Sunday morning, (eastern time or -5 GMT) by clicking here.

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