“The Huddle” Starts TODAY

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Today, The Huddle, a weekly meeting will begin for Christian men throughout Greater Lafayette.  Starting at 12:10 and ending at 12:50 at The Junction House, located at 213 Smith Street, Lafayette. The Junction House is just off the intersection of Wabash Avenue and Smith Streets. This meeting is intended for men of all kinds from all kinds of backgrounds and is not a “First Assembly” group, as it is spearheaded by people from a number of different churches.  If you come, food will be ready to be served by 12 noon.

Over the next few months, we’ll meet every week to hear a talk from a man about men’s issues. Because it will happen during the lunch hour, a free lunch will be available and men will be encouraged in their personal and professional lives to seek Jesus Christ as the answer to life’s challenges.

Issues that divide people along political, ethnic or denominational lines will be avoided, as we are trying to create an environment for unity in a masculine context.  No offerings will ever be collected and no business will be done during the hour long meetings.

This Life Group is not a group originating from First Assembly.  The idea comes from a similar group in Kokomo, Indiana and has been birthed through the passionate efforts of Lafayette businessman Nate Barrett who is a member of Faith Church in Lafayette.

If you’re interested, please show up!  🙂  You can learn more by directing any questions to this email address.

I can’t wait to see what God will do among men in our city this year! Find us on Facebook by clicking here.

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