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Today I have the privilege of opening up the fall season at The Huddle, a men’s group that meets for lunch, conversation, a great talk and prayer each Wednesday in Lafayette, Indiana.  We meet at 601 N. 6th Street in Lafayette at the YWCA.

We’re starting up again today after a break for the summer. We will keep meeting through nearly every Thursday at noon until the end of May.  Today, we saw 56 men join us, and I shared about why we “huddle up” each week.

If you’re a man in Lafayette, join this gathering that features free lunch to men from all backgrounds!

  1. Men need other men to point them to the goal.  Basically, we all forget which direction is the goal and which why we should head.  The Huddle is way for men to point each other Godward.
  2. Men need each other to remind them of the plan.  In the heat of life, in the heat of the battle, we all forget that God has a plan, a place he’s taking us.  He can take even the greatest disappointments in life and turn them into key parts of a great plan for our lives.
  3. Men need other men to point the way.   We want to create an environment where men are point the way for other men.  Where there is openness about your flaws and a light-heartedness that keeps us laughing.  We all benefit from regular reminders about how to live.  Romans 15:14 reads,  And concerning you, my brethren, I myself also am convinced that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able also to admonish one another.”  That’s what we need to be for each other on a regular basis–“to admonish” is to have a kind of fatherly, family honesty that corrects.  The Huddle gives us a forum to do just that.
  4. Men need other men to be teammates.  None of us live well long on our own. We all get the wind knocked out of us on the field of life, and all need the strength that honest relationships brings.

So this year, we’ll be pointing each other to God at The Huddle–anyone is welcome to join us for the free lunch and refreshing relationships.  See you there!  You can see more about it by clicking here.

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