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I’m excited we’re going somewhere together at First Assembly Community Ministries!  We’re moving toward greater freedom in Christ through a six week spiritual campaign called “Free*”.

This will happen primarily in three ways–
1.  Sunday morning messages will all be related to the subject of being free in Christ.
2.  Life Groups–all our small group ministries are following the Free* curriculum and are easy to jump in and follow, regardless of where you are in your faith in God.
3.  Free* Guide–a book has been prepared to help you get ready for your weekly meeting with your Free* Group!  This fun book is full of interactive reflections that will help anyone meaningfully get to issues of spiritual liberation their lives.

I want to encourage you, if you’re connected to First Assembly in any way, including online–jump in!  Watch the messages (posted here weekly in case you miss church) and get into a small group.  (They’re even possible to join online!)  DO IT THIS WEEK!  Don’t miss out on this special season of spiritual breakthrough at First Assembly!

This event is free to our community, and we’re encouraging everyone to be bringer–bring someone to your church and to your small group!  This is the kind of content that meets people wherever they are in their spiritual journey.

If you want to learn more about Free*, click on this link on our church’s website!

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