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A few weeks ago, my wife popped into a ministry here at our church and began talking to a man who had been here for a couple years.  They started talking about how he and his wife had begun to volunteer in a church ministry recently.  He made the comment that he felt like the church had moved away from an “Us and Them” approach to a more inclusive feel.

“Us” would be those who are established members of the church.  “Them”, I suppose, are those who are new or who have never migrated into the inner core of the church body.  He was expressing what others have about recent changes at First Assembly as it relates to the culture of our church.

At any rate, I thought it was great news.  More and more people are feeling like our church is a place where those who are pretty new to the church feel welcomed to take up the cause and ministry of First Assembly.

Let’s keep it up!  By creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and open to those who haven’t arrived at the “core”, we’ll ensure that our church will continue to grow and be made strong!  Brick by brick, we’re taking down walls that separate, and in the process, we’ll see more people won to Christ!

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