Biblical Wisdom About Romantic Love

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The Bible has a LOT to say about love and sex. Maybe you know that. Maybe you’re thinking about all the commands the Bible has as it relates to sex. That’s not what I’m thinking of here. The Bible has so much to say about love and sex, in fact, an entire book of the Bible–The Song of Solomon–is an … Read More


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Abraham and Sarah are the central figures of the book of Genesis. Abraham is a father of faith that has inspired three of the world’s great religion. Yet Abraham is depicted as someone who is less than perfect. We’re shown some of the warts and dysfunctions of his family in this book. The big idea is something to remember when … Read More


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We’ve inherited some things from the very first family. Adam and Eve were broken by sin and their brokenness is something we all contend with in various ways today. Check this message out and learn not only about how their mistakes and the following impacts of sin affect us in our relationships today. Most importantly, check out how God offers … Read More

NOT SO MODERN FAMILIES–February 2019 Sermon Series

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Genesis was a long time ago! You can’t get more ancient and prehistoric than Genesis. And yet, so much has remained the same. Marriage and family dynamics have stayed constant through the millennia. Whether it’s the things that undermine or fortify a marriage or the relational habits that end up dividing a parent from their child, there is plenty to … Read More

STEAM Academy Celebrates Receiving 2 Grants

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 STEAM Academy, a ministry of River City Church, is honored to be the recipient of grants from the Indiana Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning and Early Learning Indiana to support the expansion and student enrichment of STEAM Academy. The public is invited to join a short ceremony on Thursday, February 7 at 1:00 PM at STEAM Academy, located … Read More