The Journey Through–Power

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Maybe you’ve heard plenty of messages in church about what to do when you’re in trouble.  When all else fails.  When you can’t find your way home.  When you can’t overcome grief. This is a message very different from all that.  It’s about how to handle it well when success, power and promotion come your way, taking lessons from the … Read More

The Blessed Life–January 2016 Series

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Check out the links below to the video series that moved and touched our church powerfully in the month of January!  Also featured here are messages from the series we didn’t watch.  At First Assembly Community Ministries, we viewed #1, 2, 3, and 5, but I recommend checking all of them out! The Blessed Life pt. 1 (1-18-15) from LifeMission … Read More

Joe Sangl on Personal Finance Sunday

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If you missed it on Sunday, here’s the message from Joe Sangl, founder and CEO of “I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.” Joe is one of the most sought-after communicators on personal finance in the United States. Joe is also a Purdue graduate and even attended First Assembly while he was a student! Joe brought an exceptional message and clear … Read More

5 Reasons I Go to the Global Leadership Summit Yearly

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I love the month of August!  My kids go to school, the weather is great, and it’s time for me to reset everything. In some ways, September is more like a new year than January.  One of the things that has helped me the most in “resetting” and charging up my leadership and vision batteries has been Willow Creek’s par … Read More

Why I Give Online to First Assembly

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In addition to being the senior pastor of First Assembly Community Ministries, I’m also a financially contributing member.  Beyond tithing, I give regularly to missions and other projects, and I want to share with you why.First, I believe in the mission of this church.  I’m grateful to be a part of a church that cares about reaching people far from … Read More

GET FIT–Physically

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This was the fourth week of what has been a great series of planning for a breakthrough year in life in 2014! This week’s message focused on physical fitness and featured some insight into what God’s word has to say about it. Check it out and enjoy some of the laughs throughout what is a very practical, everyday kind of … Read More

GET FIT: Winter 2014 Sunday Series

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I was 12 years old in 1981, and Olivia Newton John and her “Get Physical” song came along and it seemed America got caught up in a fitness craze. There were all kinds of amazing neon-colored outfits and people started joining gyms. That was great and hasn’t ever stopped.  The thing is, all of have areas where we need to … Read More

IGNITE–Gifted by God

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Last Sunday, we experienced a strong start to August’s message series, “IGNITE”.  We’re focusing on the fact that the scriptures urge us to “fan into flame the gift of God which is in you”.  I’m really fired up about it.  Below is the video from the first service.  We looked at the call of Moses and the five excuses Moses … Read More