SECRETS: 3 Axioms for Managing Confidential Information

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During my Sunday morning message last week called SECRETS, I used a couple of minutes in the message to talk about handling confidential information on the job.  Some secrets are good to keep! Here are three axioms for managing those kinds of nuggets of confidentiality:  The more negative the information, the more likely it is to be repeated.  This is particularly … Read More

5 Keys to Finding Connection in Your Church

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Disconnection.  Isolation.  Social distance. Unfortunately, this is what people who are a part of any church sometimes feel.  If that’s how you’re feeling in your church, there are a few steps I would recommend to find connection and community in the congregation. Reach out.  Maybe it sounds flippant, but one of the reasons you might not be feeling connected to … Read More

Us and Them

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I’m working to become a person who constantly realizes it’s not just about “Us and Them”.  The “Us and Them” mentality creeps in easily at church.  Those who are already a part running a particular ministry or enjoy membership in a certain group or have been a part of the church for a long time can easily begin to see … Read More