Words from God–August 2011 Message Series

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The next 4 Sundays at First Assembly of God Words from God will be our theme.  This series of messages will focus on the central role of the Bible in the life of the believer.  We’ll explore not only the power of the scriptures to bring us to saving faith, but will also delve into questions about the credibility of God’s … Read More

May 2011 Series: THE CROSS

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May 8-29, 2011, I’ll be delivering a series of messages on the richest theme in the scriptures:  The Cross.  We’ll look at what it means generally and how it applies to our lives.   This will be a great time for long-time followers of Christ to renew and sharpen their understanding of how the cross of Jesus applies not only … Read More

Does the Old Testament Contradict the New?

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Q:  Leviticus 11 mentions “unclean” foods that we should not eat, but Mark 7 says that it is not what goes “in” that makes a man unclean but what comes “out” of his heart.  Why do the Old and New Testaments contradict each other? Interesting question!  This was turned in to me via email and asks an appropriate question that … Read More