How do I Know if God has Called Me?

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I suppose I’ve had the conversation with hundreds of people over the course of my life.  People feeling a calling to a life of ministry—pastoral ministry, children’s ministry, cross-cultural missions, etc.—they all have this question.  How does a person know if they have a calling to life of ministry or not? In this post, I’m addressing a calling to vocational … Read More


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It’s FALL, and one thing that means is Pastor Appreciation Sunday.  I’m writing today to remind you that this Sunday, November 10, is PASTOR APPRECIATION SUNDAY at First Assembly Community Ministries! I’m writing you about it because, unlike previous years, the board and I are wanting to direct you to honor and express appreciation to our amazing, faithful pastoral staff. Honestly, … Read More

IGNITE: Move that Body

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This series called “Ignite” seemed to move our church in important ways.  At the end of this message on the need to DO something as a member of the Body of Christ, we had an interesting way to respond.  SO MANY of you responded to this message by signing up to receive more information about serving in various ministries!  Check … Read More

IGNITE–Gifted by God

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Last Sunday, we experienced a strong start to August’s message series, “IGNITE”.  We’re focusing on the fact that the scriptures urge us to “fan into flame the gift of God which is in you”.  I’m really fired up about it.  Below is the video from the first service.  We looked at the call of Moses and the five excuses Moses … Read More