The Journey Through–Power

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Maybe you’ve heard plenty of messages in church about what to do when you’re in trouble.  When all else fails.  When you can’t find your way home.  When you can’t overcome grief. This is a message very different from all that.  It’s about how to handle it well when success, power and promotion come your way, taking lessons from the … Read More

GENERATIONS: Fathers & Mothers

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This last Sunday was a significant time together in God’s Word and in God’s presence!  The big idea, drawn from the story of Jacob and Esau, was that Fathers and Mothers have extraordinary power to bless or to harm the next generation.  God’s doing something powerful in our church and in our lives through these messages on different things the … Read More

Blessing from Generations Series

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Since this morning’s message, I have been asked for a copy of the blessing I read for those who lacked the blessing from their own parents.  I’ve put it here for your reference.  I can’t say it’s unique to me, but is a composite from various things I came across. Here it is: TODAY, You are loved with everlasting love from … Read More