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I bet you’ve heard them all–the reasons why people have given up on God or the Christian faith.  Most of them relate to the church.

  • They’re just a bunch of hypocrites.
  • The church hurt me and hurts to many people.
  • I’m spiritual, not religious.  I can be a Christian without the church, you know.
  • The church is way too judgmental and legalistic for me.  I’ve given up on that.

The next series at River City Church, starting on Sunday, September 16 will be focused on honestly wrestling with these objections and looking to God for help.  Join us in Lafayette at 9 or 11AM or in West Lafayette at the Burnett Creek Elementary School at 10:30AM or find us online for messages that are sure to get a listen from believer and skeptic alike.  Check out the message plan below!  See you there!

9/16     Hypocrisy

9/23    Church Hurt

9/30    Spiritual, Not Religious

10/7     Judgmentalism

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