Lasting Love–February 2018 Series

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Are you looking to make your relationships last?  Of course you are!  Relationships get better the longer they last.  The Bible offers incredible wisdom and insight that will help all relationships become richer, more rewarding and more enduring!  Come and check out the three weeks at River City Church when we will be exploring this topic, relevant to everyone!

As a special touch in this series, we will welcome a guest speaker.  On Sunday, February 11, we will receive as our honored guest Dr. Reggie Alderman, the executive director of Wellspring Counseling Center in West Lafayette, Indiana and serves on the pastoral staff of Calvary Church, another great church in our community.  Reggie will bring great practical insights into developing marriage relationships, as he has to audiences throughout the United States.

Below, you’ll see the schedule for this three-part series.

2/4         It’s a Covenant

2/11        Developing a Relationship Marriage

2/18        Families that Last

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