#SERIOUSLY–New Sermon Series

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I know you’ve been there.  Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe a family Christmas celebration.  It could happen at the office Christmas party or maybe when you run into someone at Walmart that you’ve wished you could have avoided.  It’s that moment when you ask yourself what you can do with the person who has offended you, perhaps repeatedly.

What do you do with hurt?

What do you do when you’re offended?

How can you forgive?

Those are the subjects we’ll be wrestling with for the next three weeks at River City Church.  Come ready to be real.  100% of us need to hear what these messages have to say.  See you there!  Bring someone with you!  These are messages that will speak to everyone’s lives.

The message plan:

11/19         How do I Respond to those who Hurt Me?

11/26         What do I do when I Feel Offended?

12/3           How Can I Face My Past?

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