Putting God First–August 2017 Sermon Series

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Malachi was the last prophet, a direct voice from God to God’s people, in the Old Testament.  God and the prophets would grow silent for the next 400 years.  Have you ever felt like God’s voice has grown silent in your life?  Join me for the next three weeks as we explore this powerful book with a timely message for every person who wants to hear what God has to say!

I think you’ll discover that just as the New Testament ends strong with the last few chapters of Revelation, the Old Testament ends strong too!

Below, check out the messages and scriptures River City Church will be exploring over the next three Sundays!

August 13         Malachi 1          Honoring God with Your Best

August 20        Malachi 2          When Did You Move?

August 27        Malachi 3-4       Come Home

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