How We Can Help with Harvey Victims

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The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has been unparalleled in the history of American storms.  The storm is still ongoing and peak levels for the flooding is still days away.  I have personally heard from those who work in the insurance industry that the scale of the damage is so extensive, it will be many months before all displaced people can find themselves settled again.

So what can we do?  Our church’s primary partner in all disasters is Convoy of Hope. They are skilled first responders in situations just like this around the world.  If you want to give to needs in Texas related to this storm, here are some links to help you take action and all the money will go toward these needs!

To donate:   The donate button is on the front page of the website.

Be a fundraiser:    You can register to raise money to donate toward the 100K goal!

OR, if you wish to give to River City Church, you can designate gifts of check, cash, or online with the word “Hurricane”.  Give online through River City Church by clicking here.  Thank you for your interest and compassion!

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