Why Students Love River City Leadership College

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River City Leadership College (), just now wrapping up its second year in Lafayette, Indiana, is the home of about a dozen students and is expecting to increase its roll to 20 full-time undergraduate students this coming fall.  RCLC, partnering with Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas, offers fully-accredited associates and bachelor’s degrees in Bible and Church Leadership, respectively. RCLC is based at First Assembly Community Ministries, which offers students a rich context for learning about what it means to serve in local church ministry.

So what do students like about it?  Check out what they have to say below.

Anneliese, a student from Northwest Indiana, has this to say, “My favorite thing about River City is the things I get to experience throughout the church and during my internship. I do my practicum working in student ministries, and I LOVE it! Every single week, I look forward to Sunday night’s where I will connect with students and join them as they grow deeper with God. Being able to intern at the church has helped me grow so much just throughout the last year. I have grown more in my leadership, in my gifts, and have held a deeper sense of my calling since coming here. Unlike a typical university, I am able to get my schooling done while doing work in the church and learning practicalities of the ministry. This is something that I am so thankful for, because I know these four years of being grown and shaped with the help of God and the other ministers here are going to help me be very prepared when it is time for me to graduate and work wherever it is God calls me. From the relationships made, to the ministry I am involved in, and to the money I have saved, River City Leadership College is SO worth the stay!”

Kale, a Chicagoland student focused on worship arts, has this to say, One thing that I love about RCLC is the community I get to be around everyday during my practicum hours.  Everyone is so nice and welcoming!  I also love that I get experience in my concentrated area of ministry from my practicum while I am working on my degree.  Picking RCLC was truly the best choice I have made for advancing my life and career in ministry!”

Hunter, another worship arts student, writes this–I love being a student at River City Leadership College! River City has enabled me to work towards my degree, as well as have real life practical internship experience. My time as a worship intern has taught me skills and leadership essentials that I will use for the remainder of my time in ministry. Being able to have 1-on-1 experience with an incredibly devoted and talented pastoral staff is something that you won’t receive at another college. River City Leadership College is one of the best choices I have ever made!”

Jordan, a second year student from Demotte, Indiana writes the following about his experience at RCLC, I am absolutely loving my time at River City Leadership College. Not only am I learning things that challenge me and grow my beliefs, but I am also actively learning about ministry through the opportunity of being an intern and learning directly from active leaders. RCLC is a perfect blend of schooling and real-life experience. I am so thankful that God led me here.”

Interested in learning more about this growing, fully accredited degree that gives you direct exposure to ministry experience at about half the cost of other private Christian universities?  Students can focus on a variety of ministry practicums, including, but not limited to, worship arts, youth ministry, children’s ministry, missions, and community outreach. Check us out on our website, connect with us through Facebook or  call us at 765.474.1432 and ask for Terry or Adam.





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