21 Days of Prayer

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From August 14 to September 3, First Assembly Community Ministries will be praying everyday!  We will meet in the sanctuary for 30 minutes of prayer around specific themes in the belief that this is the key for a breakthrough fall at our church!

We’ll be meeting Monday through Friday at 6:45 and on Saturday at 9AM!  On Sundays, we will meet 15 minutes before each of the services to pray for God’s power to be poured out!


Undergirding the prayer emphases each day, we want to take these attitudes and beliefs into this season of prayer:

  • Humble ourselves. Asking for forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our land.
  • Seeking God. Declaring our dependence on God in every area of our lives.
  • His Kingdom Come. Praying for the completion of the Great Commission and for revival in our generation.
  • Hear from Heaven. Inviting the Presence of God in our church and our lives (souls saved, signs, wonders, miracles, and transformed lives.)
  • Believing God for answered prayer to our specific needs (Connection Cards, Pastoral Care Update Cards, and prayer requests).

Daily Prayer Focus

Day 1 – Church service prayer (August 14, 2016)

Day 2 – Our Leaders – Nation, State, and City (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Day 3 – Our Pastors, church staff, Life Group leaders, ministry leaders and volunteers, church board

Day 4 – Our City – Greater Lafayette and Tippecanoe County, First Assembly Community Center

Day 5 – Our Nation – US Missions, Chi Alpha at Purdue and revival in the USA

Day 6 – Our World – world missions (reaching, planting, training, and compassion), our family of support

Day 7 – Worship

Day 8 – (Church service prayer)

Day 9 – The Lost – services, outreach, family members

Day 10 – Life Groups – leaders, members, real life change

Day 11 – Growth Track and Volunteers – leadership development, covering over every leader, fresh vision

Day 12 – Children and Students (Kidztown, Adventure Station and Nexus)

Day 13 – River City Leadership College

Day 14 – Worship

Day 15 – (Church service prayer)

Day 16 – Families and marriages

Day 17 – Our Church’s Vision for 2016-2017 – Community Center projects, campus launch, outreaches, finances, leaders

Day 18 – My personal vision for 2016-2017 – freedom from habits, debt, relationships, ministry, reaching my full potential

Day 19 – Personal freedom and deliverance – breakthrough in every area!

Day 20 – Our specific needs (finances, health, family members to be saved and other personal needs.) Pray for the sick – anoint with oil.

Day 21 – Closing prayer service (Sept 3, 2016)

I look forward to seeing you there!

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