What Makes River City Leadership College Different from Other Schools?

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River City Leadership College (RCLC) is a unique, university-level experience that has strong advantages for students who are preparing for ministry. 
At first glance, RCLC, a new partner of Southwestern Assemblies of God University(SAGU), and located at First Assembly Community Ministries (FACM) in Lafayette, Indiana, seems similar to other colleges.  This fully-accredited program, offering degrees in Bible and Church Leadership for people wanting to prepare themselves for Christian ministry, will involve study, learning, an excellent university faculty, and much else that you might expect from a college experience.
However, there are a number of significant factors that make RCLC a unique college opportunity:
  1.  A Christian worldview.  The difference between attending a local college or state university and RCLC is that the faculty shares a Christian worldview that is rooted in the Bible.  Professors who teach biology or psychology, for example, will share the Christian perspective of students who are trying to not only expand their academic awareness, but who want to learn their academic subjects through the lens of biblical Christianity.
  2. An Ongoing Mix of Theory and Practice.  RCLC offers a great opportunity to earn up to 24 total credit hours through ministerial internships.  This means that while you’re learning about the New Testament or studying the principles of leadership, you will also be actively engaged in local church ministry.  This joining of theory and practice allows students to learn at a deeper level.  Theory is better remembered and understood when it is practiced at the same time it is learned.  In fact, I know this is true from my own personal experience.  I pursued my graduate and doctoral education while serving full time as a pastor and then missionary, and I realized right away how much more effective my daily ministry was for enhancing my education
  3. A Partnership with First Assembly Community Ministries.  While FACM is one of the oldest Assemblies of God churches in Indiana, it is passionate about embracing new ministry methods so it can reach the most people with God’s love.  RCLC’s location on the FACM campus means you will have access to its large pastoral staff for mentoring and learning experiences.  With over a century of combined pastoral leadership experience in the staff, you’ll grow just by being exposed to these people.  Our pastors use their ministry expertise in Worship Arts, Student Ministries, Children’s Ministries, Community Outreach, Adult Ministries, Hispanic Ministries, etc., to lead the congregation of 1100+ people.  RCLC students will minister along-side these pastors, providing invaluable experience that they can bring to their future ministry settings.  Furthermore, FACM is an ethnically and generationally diverse church with over 40 nationalities calling it their spiritual home.  FACM also has a strong track-record of nurturing ministers and missionaries and launching people into life-long service.   The connection with FACM is one of the strongest distinctives of RCLC.
  4. A Tremendous Savings.  Yes, this is one of the things that sets apart the experience at RCLC from other colleges.  For full-time residential students, the total cost will be $11,000 per academic year.  Because it is directly connected to SAGU, full-time, qualified students are eligible to apply for and receive government grants and student loans.  That’s an incredible savings over any private traditional college experience in the US.  And yet, every graduate of RCLC will complete the program with a fully-accredited degree from SAGU.  That’s not only an amazing savings, but it’s incredible value as well.

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