Life on Mission–Fall 2015

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So, what are you here for?

That’s the question asked in the churchwide series that children, youth and adults are being asked throughout our ministries–one Sunday mornings, in our Life Groups and in our departmental ministries like Nexus and Kidztown.

This is a series about the reason why Christians are still living on earth–to be a witness for Jesus Christ and help to connect others with God.  Join us from now through October 18 as we take a journey that could transform our congregation and our community!

First Assembly is being asked to engage in this churchwide campaign in the following ways:

First of all be here. All of these Sundays are important. There are five action steps that I’ll unpack. I’ll be preaching all of them. I’m going to unpack all five action steps in the next five weeks and you don’t want to miss them because they’re kind of in order of what I think you ought to be doing. So be here. Make an effort to do that.
Number two, read the book. You can get it on Kindle, you can get it out here, whatever. You can buy it from Amazon. The average guy does not ever read a book after he gets out of school, high school or college. That’s the truth. They don’t read, guys don’t read. It’s simple. This is not Lord of the Rings. You’re going to be able to get this, I promise you. It’s a pretty simple read.
Number three, start your own group. Get the DVD. 12 to 15 minutes of teaching on each week. Get together with a group of friends, get some people together, maybe there’s some people at work. You can say, “Hey, our church is doing this mission thing. Why don’t you join me and do it,” because you need the community around you. We’ll talk about that along the way. But do this mission thing together. Get a group. It doesn’t have to be people you don’t know. Just get a group together.
Number four, involve your family. How about this? And how about if you watch the DVD like 15 minutes before the meal and then you sat around the table and you and your family just went through this together. Don’t you want your family to be on mission with you together? It could be life changing for your kids, life changing for your family.

Number five, be open to how God is going to speak to you.A lot of you grew up in a background where you just you had your church thing and God didn’t really do a lot of communicating to you directly. I want to tell you something, he’s still there and the Holy Spirit still works through us and what’s going to happen is if you will do this there are going to be some opportunities where God is going to open the door. He’s going to nudge you a little bit. He’s going to say that person right there that neighbor, that guy in that cubicle, that person right there that’s your mission. Be open to it because God knows what’s going on and God is going to prepare the way.

DATE                          THEME
9/13                              Overview
9/20                              Connect
9/27                              Serve
10/4                              Share
10/11                            Grow
10/18                            Pray

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