FIRE BIBLE SUNDAY, September 20, 2015

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This Sunday, we will receive an offering for the Fire Bible at our church services.  We’re asking everyone to go home and do an inventory of the number of Bibles they personally own and then give an offering equivalent of at least $10 per Bible.

This approach would help to put the Fire Bible–a study Bible–in the hands of people in Pakistan and Iran. That’s because the church there is persecuted and underground and certainly under-resourced in terms of what the Fire Bible could do for them.

I like to say this approach to missions is “WEAPONIZED”–that is to say, one can make a tremendous difference in difficult places in the world by distributing much-needed copies of the Bible!  More than bombs or negative pressure put on through the UN, the spreading of the Word of God in the world carries with it the potential to change it!

This year, we’re focusing on the Fire Bible in the Urdu and Farsi languages.  These languages are spoken by people in Pakistan and Iran, and they represent two of the people groups in the world who have an restricted access to Christianity and where Christians do not enjoy the same freedoms they do in other parts of the world.

I want to encourage you to take a moment today and pray about how you can involved in reaching people in these two significant Islamic countries, representing over 250 million people, with a tool that will make an eternal difference in their lives.

I’ve talked in church about how there are 6,800 unreached people groups, and that we can reach these groups with the gospel, if we just start one by one.  If you plan to give online rather than in the service Sunday, click here for that!  Be sure to note “FIRE BIBLE 2015” in the memo section of the giving form.

For more information about the Fire Bible, see the short video below!

TheFireBibleStory from Life Publishers on Vimeo.

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