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To go along with the series called “PRAY-ER”, I wanted to point you to some rich resources on prayer.

When I was a teenager, one of the significant spiritual mentors in my life pointed me to many of these books, and I am greatly in debt to him for it because they are rich in their power to move one to pray and to give understanding of what is happening when we pray.

Some of the best books I have read on prayer or that have prompted me to pray more are written by people long dead, but I have also included two modern day books.  Also, I have found that the writings and life stories of a number of people have helped me greatly to understand and to be inspired about prayer more deeply.

My top books on prayer follow:

Batterson, Mark.  The Circle Maker.
Bounds, E.M.  The Complete Collection of E.M. Bounds on Prayer.
Brother Lawrence.  The Practice of the Presence of God.
Finney, Charles G.  Autobiography of Charles G. FinneyExperiencing the Presence of God, and Principles of Prayer.
Keller, Timothy.  Prayer.
Muller, George.  The George Muller Collection.
Murray, Andrew.  With Christ in the School of Prayer.
Ravenhill, Leonard.  Why Revival Tarries.
Taylor, Howard.  Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret.
Wesley, John.  The Journal of John Wesley and How to Pray: The Best of John Wesley on Prayer.

I had to stop there because I want for this to be a readable post.  All these books should be easily available online and many, if not all, can be downloaded to a reading device.

Comment below and add your impressions about what other works should be included on this list.

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