First Assembly Certified as a Great Workplace!

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Those who work at First Assembly Community Ministries know it is a great place to work. Now, the Best Christian Workplaces Institute has verified what they’ve always known to be the case!

Through conducting a survey of all the employees of the church, The Best Christian Workplaces Institute, located in Mercer Island, Washington took an objective snapshot of the First Assembly’s workplace condition.  Areas of trust, contentment, fulfillment, communication, etc. were measured on the anonymous survey.  The Best Christian Workplaces Institute has consulted hundreds of organizations, including many of the largest and most influential congregations in America and internationally.

We’re sharing this news today because our survey results affirm that First Assembly is a healthy and dynamic place to work, and this is thanks both to the congregation and the leadership of the church. Congratulations to everyone!

On top of this, it is a further affirmation of the church’s idea of starting River City Leadership College where students will be able to pursue fully accredited degrees through online streaming of classes from Southwestern Assemblies of God University while receiving significant experience in the church’s ministries.

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