APRIL 2014 Volunteer of the Month

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The happy lady in the picture to the left here is First Assembly Community Ministries’ Volunteer of the Month for April 2014.  Honestly, I’ve met few people in my life who have the heart of serving that Connie Tolley does.  She volunteers on a full-time basis at our church and serves in many areas. She is someone who is seeking to grow spiritually and is always reaching out to many people in our church in a variety of ways.

I’m glad she’s being honored like this and below are some responses to questions she gave recently that will give you a bit more insight to her life.

What Areas of ministry do you serve?
Office, Re.fresh, Life Group, Prayer teams, Events, etc…. 
How did you first get involved? 
When we started coming to First Assembly, we had one child and one on the way, so I started volunteering in with Early Childcare as I thought it was important to be a part of it since my children were there.  Other areas grew from there, Mother’s Prayer Group, helping with Children’s ministry, Children’s Choir and Women’s Ministry.
How long have you been serving? 
I have been serving in various ministry since I became a Christian, but I have been in the church office shortly after Robby became our Pastor.  It has been a joy to work with so many wonderful people in the office. There are lots of areas that the administrative assistants can pass on to someone to help them with so they can be working on other projects.
Why do you serve?
I think Colossians 3:23 says it best for me. “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…”
What’s the best part of serving? 
The best part of serving for me is being able to connect with people and learning their stories and help them connect with others and finding their gifts and talents they can use them to serve.

Why should other people serve? 
This is an opportunity to show the love of Christ and letting others know you care for them.
Congratulations, Connie!  You are blessing to so many people in our church and in life!

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